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The Launch of two NEW Treatments
Microface Intense & Henna Brows.

10% OFF any Facial or Course from the 
Dermalift Range.

Standard Microface Non-surgical Facial 1hr 15mins £45.00

A complete workout for the face focuses on creating a lift in the contours of the face by firming & toning the key facial muscles. Results: will reduce wrinkles & even out fine lines.

Luxury Microface Non-surgical Facial 2hrs £70.00

This luxury facial includes ADLA lymphatic drainage, AHA Glycolic Peel, Microface Non-surgical Facial & Dermafusion Mask. Results: will reduce wrinkles, even out lines & leave skin revitalised & rejuvenated.

A Course of 6 Treatments is recommended for optimum results £275.00

The course consists of 2 Luxury Dermalift Facials & 4 Standard Dermalift Facials.

Dermafusion Facial. 45mins £35.00

Includes preparing the skin with AHA Glycolic Peel for optimum absorption. Dermafusion masks include live active ingredients to further penetrate the skin. Skin is left feeling revitalised and radiant.

Advanced Dermalift Lymphatic Drainage. 30 mins £25.00

A.D.L.A. treatment provides lymphatic drainage. It is especially effective for dark circles under eyes, soft, loose skin along the jaw line & chin, congested skin and clears sinuses.

Henna Brows 

We are also pleased to welcome Henna Brows to Pure.
Henna brows are a form of natural eyebrow tinting that is used to also stain the skin
beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion
of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness.

The full treatment takes approx 45 minutes. The brow area is cleansed & exfoliated before measuring & analysing the clients brow for the pefect brow shape.
The Henna will take 10mins - 25mins to develop depending on the depth of colour and shade you require.
To finalise the treatment your brows will be shaped to sculp your brow line.

Introductory offer

(October Only. Normal price £25.00)